Plant Health Care Technician 1, 2, & 3

Application Deadline


Various Locations , New England States

Level 1 PHC Technician has obtained a basic knowledge of Plant Health Care with the ability to pass/obtain their NH and/or VT pesticide license for shade trees & ornamental and agricultural. Under the guidance of a senior PHC Tech, the PHC1 Tech will learn the responsibility of monitoring, evaluating, and providing tree and shrub needs on client property.  At times the PHC1 Tech may assist the Essential Turf Care team in non-pesticide related activities such as lime or compost tea application. the PHC1 Tech reports to the PHC3 manager.

Level 2 PHC Technician has mastered the requirements of the PHC1 Tech with the ability to pass/obtain their NH and/or VT pesticide license. The PHC 2 Tech is responsible for handling pest-management operations as required in the Essential Turf Care program and advanced operations in the PHC program. The cross-trained PHC2 Tech will obtain basic knowledge of turf pests and advanced skills in insect and disease treatments, abiotic disorders and soil management. The PHC2 Tech will be enrolled in the final chapters of the PHC Technician's Study Guide as listed in the detailed job description. The PHC Technician reports to the PHC3 Manager.

Level 3 PHC Technician is the highest level PHC Technician building on the field of experience of a PHC2 Tech with opportunities to work closely with the PHC Manager. the PHC3 Tech will be asked at times to train new technicians, assist with insect and disease diagnosis, work on equipment and assist with inventory.  The PHC 3 Tech reports to the PHC Manager.