Landscape Manager

Application Deadline


Gloucester , Massachusetts

Landscape Division Manager 



  • Arrive at office by 7:00 am

  • Daily meeting with Division Managers 7:00 am

    • Discuss any changes for the day/week and any cross-division issues for the upcoming coming week

  • Daily meeting with Crew Leaders 7:15 am

    • Review work orders, crew assignments and any special instructions for the day

    • Debrief previous days’ jobs, as needed

  • Review previous days’ work orders

    • Ensure work was completed, and crew hours & materials were accurately recorded

    • Ensure any purchase receipts are accurate and stapled to the work order

    • If job is complete and ready to be billed, finalize costs and sign-off on work order

  • Reschedule any work that was not completed on the previous day, or any needed follow-up work

  • Return work orders to appropriate section in Division binders

  • Check-in with crews, either on-site or via phone

  • Call/ email clients as needed

  • Review division calendar

    • Ensure that work for the following day is scheduled and that customer has been contacted/confirmed

    • Ensure that a fully-completed work order exists for each scheduled job

  • Determine crew makeup for following day and assign Crew Leader

    • If employees from any other division are required for a job, this must be determined and cleared with at least 1 week

  • Text crew to brief them on the jobs for the following day and Crew Leader assignments



  • Review and approve time sheets (Monday before 8 am)

  • Schedule jobs/ maintain calendar (by end-of-day Thursday)

    • Call clients to confirm scheduled date for work

    • Record any needed hydraulic equipment on white board calendar

  • Job sales (one- two days per week, sales appointments scheduled by office)

  • Prepare estimates for any jobs looked at, office staff will send to client

  • Create work orders for any jobs looked at and file appropriately

  • Ensure weekly tool/material inventory is conducted, review inventory in order to ensure things are replace/restocked as needed

  • Review unbilled time report to ensure jobs are being completed and billed in a timely manner

  • Perform spot-checks of shop/ vehicles to ensure that equipment and materials are being returned to the appropriate location and are being properly maintained

  • Meet with Company President



  • Review Accounts Receivable report to determine which clients have outstanding balances

  • Contact clients about outstanding balances


As Needed:

  • Keep office staff and administration informed of all changes in status of crew members or equipment.

  • Contact clients whenever there is a change in scope of the job, when any questions/concerns arise, or just to check in