Climber, Apprentice Climber

Application Deadline


Boston and South Shore , Massachusetts

We are looking for people who want to be Professional Arborist Climbers because it is our belief that everyone should be a climber at Specialized Rigging and Tree Care.  We are a successful tree care business of 30 years and are known for climbing and rigging the most challenging removals and epic preservation prunings in the Metro Boston and south shore areas of Massachusetts.  We want you to learn our trade and are willing and able to teach the fine art of climbing and rigging techniques emphasizing safety, efficiency, and grace. We are seeking self-motivated individual(s) who has an outstanding work ethic, a genuinely positive attitude, a sincere desire to work and earn a wage that reflects talent and productivity.  Please phone us to set up an interview and tryout. Jay Malouf, Owner, 617-325-7756

CLIMBING  learning and advancing by doing 
Groundwork: job set up, chipping, moving wood, clean up
Driving equipment to and from job 
Dumping chips and off-loading wood 
Truck, bucket, and crane maintenance 
Saw, rigging, and climbing equipment maintenance