UMASS Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Take First Place

Colorado State University. March 20-23, 2019. The University of Massachusetts Arboriculture Team competed in the 2019 National Collegiate Landscape Competition in Ft. Collins, CO and was awarded first place in the arboriculture techniques competition. The UMass team was competing against 68 other colleges and 844 students.

Michael Tilton, Stockbridge Arboriculture & Community Forestry 2018 / UMass Urban Forestry 2019 partnered with Cory Rebello, Stockbridge Arboriculture & Community Forestry 2018 / UMass Urban Forestry 2020 making up the UMass team.

Figure 1 UMass Amherst students, Michael Tilton and Cory Robello in Fort Collins, CO
Figure 1 UMass Amherst students, Michael Tilton and Cory Rebello in Fort Collins, CO

The objective of this event is to evaluate the skills and knowledge of the participants on general and accepted arboricultural practices. The competition is intended to be competitive and educational for all students, regardless of their skill level.

The competition is split up into three areas: Knowledge Exam, Climbing Skills, and Throw Line Skills. A two-person team will perform the three areas, with each team member taking the exam, and then one team member performing the climbing skills, while the other team member performs the throw line skills part of the event. 

The same two-person team must perform all areas of the competition. Schools are limited to one two-person team per school.

UMass students have a history of doing well in this national competition winning or placing in the top three, eight times in the past ten years.

Mike is graduating this spring and will be working with Davey’s Hartney-Greymont division.  Cory will return to next year’s completion and will spend this summer working for a tree care company.

The National Collegiate Landscape Competition (formerly called Student Career Days) is an annual three-day competition and networking event for students enrolled in horticulture and landscape programs at two and four-year colleges and universities from across the country. More than 750 landscape industry students from approximately 60+ schools demonstrate their skills in more than two-dozen real-world, competitive events coupled with a Career Fair where students meet with representatives from the top landscape firms from around the nation.

We want to thank all of this year’s supporters and hope that you will support next year’s team.