TREE Fund Ken Ottman Volunteer Award Nominations Due May 15th

The Ken Ottman Volunteer Award is given annually to an individual whose contributions on behalf of TREE Fund are exemplary. The award does not exclusively recognize accomplishments for the prior twelve months. We plan to announce this year’s recipient at the ISA International Conference at the end of July. A committee of former recipients chaired by Jim Barborinas reviews nominations and makes the final award. In the past, we have used our Grant Management system to solicit nominations, but have heard from many that this can be unwieldy for a simple submission like this. Toward this end, we are seeking your nomination(s), should you have one or any, for this important recognition. If you would like to nominate one or more recipients, please send me an email with the following information:

  1. Name of the person you are nominating:
  2. How the nominee supports the mission of TREE Fund (50-250 words):
  3. Which TREE Fund activities did the nominee participate in or support: Board of Trustees, TREE Fund Committees, Special Events, Fundraising
  4. Provide a brief quote describing why this nominee should receive the Ken Ottman Award (100 words max.) (May be used in TREE Fund publications):

Previous Ken Ottman Volunteer Award winners are Jim Barborinas, Beth Buchanan, John Goodfellow, Warren Hoselton, Mike Neal, Dick Rideout, Wendy Robinson, Al West and Jim Zwack.

Nominations are due May 15, 2017. I will provide all nominees information to the committee immediately afterwards to support their review.