State Highlights from February E-Update


Risk and Resiliency: Adapting to Connecticut's Changing Climate (CT ASLA)
2.19.2020 - A general interest program for legislators, staff, design professionals, and the public about the science of sea level rise, climate change impacts, and strategies for proactive responses. Registration.


UMass Extension Invasive Plant Management Certification series begins February 19th
2.19.2020 - UMass Extension offers a certificate in INVASIVE PLANT MANAGEMENT, which may be obtained by attending all four sessions and obtaining a passing grade for each. - Read more on this HOT TOPIC here.


Maine Communities are Unprepared for the Economic and Ecological Costs of this Deadly Tree Infestation
1.30.20 -  One Maine town that received state Project Canopy funding to calculate EAB’s potential impact found that tree removal and treatment would total a quarter-million dollars, roughly a third of its annual budget. - Read more on this HOT TOPIC here.

New Hampshire

Emergency Erosion Control on Private Forest Land
January 27, 2020 - With funding from the USDA Forest Service and the NH Division of Forests and Lands, University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension demonstrated storm management options for land managers. - Read more on this HOT TOPIC here.

Rhode Island

DEM, URI Hosting Workshops This Winter on the Spotted Lanternfly, an Invasive Pest Targeting Plants and Trees
2.5.2020, 2.10.2020 - The Department of Environmental Management (DEM), in partnership with the University of Rhode Island (URI) is holding three public workshops this winter to provide information about the spotted lanternfly, an exotic pest that targets various plants and trees. Read more on this HOT TOPIC here.


Emerald Ash Borer and Forest Management at the Hinesburg Town Forest
2.8.2020 - Join Ethan Tapper, the Chittenden County Forester, Elise Schadler of Vermont’s Urban and Community Forestry (UCF) program, Vermont Woodlands Association and Vermont Coverts for a free, public walk at the Hinesburg Town Forest (HTF), where we will discuss how to manage our forests, yard and street trees, and public lands for the threat of EAB. Read more on this HOT TOPIC here.