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Trees and the Law:

  • Arboriculture & the Law by Victor D. Merullo and Michael J. Valentine
    • An excellent resource regarding legal responsibilities of private property owners, municipalities, private tree companies, practicing arborists, or public companies.
  • Tree and the Law in Canada by Julian Dunster
    • Provides the reader with in-depth analysis of legal principles and case law, and shows how these affect practices in the field.

Urbanization and Urban Soils

  • Up by Roots by James Urban
    • This highly relevant manual discusses guidance in policy decision-making, and studies the basic science of soil, trees, and soil condition analysis.

Practical Arboriculture

  • Abiotic Disorders of Landscape Plants by Laurence R. Costello, Edward J. Perry, Nelda P. Matheny, J. Michael Henry, and Pamela M. Geisel
    • Provides practical strategies, techniques, and tools for diagnosing plant injury resulting from 20 different abiotic causes, and discusses significant topics concerning physical sources of plant injury.
  • Pest of Landscape Trees and Shrubs by Steve H. Dreisradt
    • An in-depth guide to developing and maintaining an integrated pest management program that discusses plant selection considerations and the use of appropriate cultural practices and biological, mechanical, and physical controls.
  • Arborists’ Certification Study Guide by Sharon J. Lilly, Corinne G. Bassett, James Komen, and Lindsey Purcell
    • Serves as a strong foundation and reference for all tree care professionals, and provides arborists with the information to navigate the field.
  • An Illustrated Guide to Pruning by Edward F. Gilman
    • The book addresses many challenges associated with pruning, including disease prevention, root pruning, mature tree pruning, and restoration following storms.
  • The CODIT Principle by Dirk Dujesiefken and Walter Liese
    • An in-depth look at a tree's physiologic response to wounding, helping arborists to understand wound reactions of bark, cambium, and wood, as well as the factors that influence the tree's response.
  • The Practical Science of Planting Trees by Gary W. Watson and E.B. Himelick
    • Designed to help readers understand and implement the appropriate practices vital to planting a tree, it offers guidance to improve success and establish healthy trees.

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