Call for Abstracts for the ISA 2023 Annual International Conference and 2023 Virtual Event

Logo for ISA Albuquerque conference

Your expertise is needed as ISA prepares for these two events! ISA is seeking proposals from leaders in arboriculture, urban forestry, and related fields who want to share their research, best practices, expertise and passion for the industry with the arboriculture community.

ISA is looking for proposals in the following subjects:

  • Trees and Drought
  • Fire and Trees in the WUI (Wildland Urban Interface)
  • Indigenous Tree Care Practices
  • AREA/Researchers’ Presentations on Arboriculture Research
  • Climber's Corner/Safety
  • Legal and Business Issues & Arboriculture
  • Soils & Water
  • Tree Biology/Tree Biomechanics
  • Diagnostics/Plant Healthcare (PHC)/Tree Pests & Disease
  • Tree Risk Assessment
  • Urban Forestry
  • Standards and Best Management Practices
  • Utility Arboriculture/Utility Arborist Association
  • Presentation in Spanish Language (Virtual Conference Only)

Submissions for both conferences are open until 6 January 2023. Submit