Archived TREE Fund Webinars Available Online

Have you been attending the TREE Fund webinars? If you have missed out, you can catch archived versions online. 

Soil Profile Rebuilding: Rehabilitating Compacted Soils
Dr. Susan Day (Virginia Tech) – June 2017

Tree Risk Assessment – Perceptions, Reality, and Reliability
Dr. Andew Koeser (U. of Florida) – April 2017

Soil Compaction and Urban Trees: Strategies for Gaining Ground
Dr. Bryant Scharenbroch (U. of Wisconsin – Stevens Point) – November 2016

An Approach to Pruning You Won’t Forget
Dr. Ed Gilman (U. of Florida) – May 2016

Strategies for Successful Urban Tree Growth in Wet and Dry Sites
Dr. Nina Bassuk (Cornell University) – Sept 2015

Emerald Cash Borer: It Will Cost You Money-Ways to Manage the Ash Cash Flow
Dr. Rich Hauer (U. of Wisconsin – Stevens Pt.) – April 2015


For more information on these webinars, including supporting documentation from the speakers, go to the TREE Fund website and be sure to tune in for the next webinar on September 7.