American Forests Seeks Information for Tree Equity Initiative

American Forests Seeks Information for Tree Equity Initiative

American Forests, a national conservation organization dedicated to protecting and restoring threatened ecosystems, promoting and expanding urban forests and increasing understanding of the importance of forests, is asking individuals in the tree-care industry to participate in a survey that will provide data for its Tree Equity: Career Pathways Initiative.

As the demand for skilled tree workers increases, the Career Pathways Initiative aims to connect people to green careers and bridge gaps between the public and private employers. Additionally, the initiative helps create opportunities for overlooked populations and place opportunity youth, veterans, low-income people of color, re-entrants to society and others facing barriers to employment.

To effectively make the case for significant national investment, American Forests requires specific and in-depth data to diagnose gaps along the urban forestry career pathway, and provide targeted assistance to those already doing this work.

Taking this 10-question survey will help American Forests map the workforce development needs within the field. The deadline to fill out the Career Pathways Extended Survey is Wednesday, 29 January 2020.

Additional Background from American Forests

Workforce Crisis in Urban Forestry

As we endeavor to restore access to healthy canopy coverage in underserved communities, we recognize that a skilled workforce is fundamental to helping care for these trees. Communities with the highest tree canopy needs tend to be those that have the highest unemployment. Tree care companies and agencies are desperate to fill a labor shortage, yet they struggle to engage and retain those living in low-canopy areas, who tend to be low income people of color.

Tree Equity™: Career Pathways seeks to close that gap.

Tree care careers cannot be outsourced, and we are in need of approximately 30,000 workers nationwide, including:

  • Urban foresters
  • Arborists
  • Tree trimmers
  • Pruners
  • Pesticide applicators
  • And more, not including an additional 300,000 jobs in the landscape industry!

Tree Equity™ connects people to green careers and bridges gaps between and the public and private employers who have openings but don’t know where to find qualified workers. In turn, this creates opportunity for overlooked populations like unemployed/underemployed communities of color. The result? A thriving workforce full of qualified and credentialed people that can now build and sustain economic strength and vibrant, green communities.