2017 Masters' Challenge Invitational Tree Climbing Championship


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NEC-ISA Announces A Master’s Challenge Invitational Tree Climbing Event
Saturday, June 3, 2017 (Rain Date June 4th)
Time: 7:00am - 6:00pm
Location: Capron Park, Attleboro, MA

The New England Chapter of International Society of Arboriculture (NEC-ISA) is pleased to announce the Master’s Challenge Invitational Tree Climbing Championship will be held at Capron Park in Attleboro, Massachusetts on Saturday June 3rd (Rain Date June 4th). This unique and exciting event is open to the public.  We hope you are all able to attend.    

Watch as the region’s most skilled climbers compete for the coveted title of New England Champion and a chance to compete in the regional competition, known as the North American Tree Climbing Championship, to be held in Salt Lake City Utah in October. Twelve male and four female climbers will compete in a challenging work climb where they will be responsible for doing several jobs within the canopy of a tree. Contestants are judged and scored on their knowledge and ability to demonstrate the mastery of different climbing techniques, safe work practices, use of equipment, and poise in the tree. Competitors have a set amount of time to enter the tree, perform tasks at work stations and descend safely to the ground. Time stops when all of the climber's equipment is removed from of the tree.

Bruce Duffy, NEC-ISA’s committee chair, explains, “The Master’s Challenge Invitational is more than a competition, it is an opportunity for arborists in our region to come together and learn the latest techniques in tree climbing and climbing safety.” Duffy goes on to say that the event is run almost entirely by volunteers and notes, “We would not be able to hold this event without the continued support of our very generous sponsors. This is a great day for New England arborists to learn, climb and compete amongst the best in our region.”

There will be a kid’s climb where children will be given an opportunity to don the safety gear and try their hand at tree climbing.

EVENTS – Times may vary depending on weather

7:00am-5:00pm           Sixteen Climbers will compete
10:00 am-1:00 pm        Kids Tree Climb (Suggested donation $10 per child)
5:00-6:00 pm            Results & Awards

Look at the pictures from last year's competition courtesy of Tom Ingersoll.

Bring a camera crew to the event. We will be setting up on Friday June 2nd.

RAIN DATE: Sunday June 4th  

Sponsorship Opportunities can be found at: www.newenglandisa.org

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