Webinar: The Forest-Water Interface (Free)

12:00 1:00 p.m. ET

This is an online event

Healthy forests are essential to assuring that water quality and quantity are protected. This presentation will explore the ways in which watershed protection can provide benefits to urban land managers. We will discuss both streams and impoundments in the context of an urban landscape.

This is the third webinar in the: Improving the Quality of Urban Forests: Lunchtime Series

Improving the Quality of Urban Forests: Lunchtime series

This 5-part webinar series covers a holistic approach to urban forest quality and health. Topics covered include beneficial and pest insects, planting trees, water quality, invasive species, and environmental education. The series will be hosted every day at noon from April 19th to April 23, 2021.


Other webinars in the series:

April 19: Beneficial and Pest Insects in Urban Forests: Perspective and Management

April 21: The Forest-Water Interface

April 22: Invasive Species Threats and Solutions for Healthy Urban Forests

April 23: Environmental Education for the Urban Environment

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