Webinar: Invasive Woody Plant Management – Part 1 of 2 (Free)

2:00 3:30pm EST

This is an online event

Encroachment of woody vegetation threatens the biology and ecology of many types of ecosystems. The loss of natural foragers, fires, human-caused disturbances, and the introduction of non-native plants combine to impact native vegetation and associated wildlife. Removing invasive woody species improves the function of local ecosystems and opens the landscape to provide more suitable habitat for birds and other wildlife. This two-part series is a continuation of EPA’s tree IPM webinars and will focus on managing invasive woody plants such as tree of heaven, buckthorn, and Japanese knotweed. Attendees will learn the IPM practices used to provide cost-effective management of these woody invasives that include mechanical removal (cutting and shredding), herbicide treatments, fire, and biological controls. Learn how to identify these species and to develop IPM-based strategies for their prevention and control in your region.

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