Webinar: i-Tree: Using Urban Forest Data (Free)

1:00 2:15pm (ET)

The i-Tree suite of free, online software has many tools to aid in understanding local forests and improving urban forest management. At this special webinar, we will hear from the lead Forest Service scientist Dr. David Nowak about what the i-Tree data are telling us after more than 30 years of data gathering and reporting. We will learn what are the trends in tree cover in our cities and how to use i-Tree to obtain urban forest data important to you at the national, regional and local scale. In addition, we will learn how new science related to urban forest threats nationally and tree effects on air temperature and human health will be presented within i-Tree. Finally, we will have a presentation from Justin Bower, principal planner for the Houston-Galveston Area Council, on how his 13-county region is using the Nation’s forest census and My City’s Trees to guide coordinated efforts in urban forest management, flood mitigation, and source-water protection.

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