Tree Healthcare Seminar

8:15 am 4:25 pm


Bartlett Arboretum
151 Brookdale Rd
Stamford, CT
United States

Tree Healthcare Seminar

On Preserving Legacy Trees

They’re often referred to as legacy, majestic, or veteran trees. However you want to refer to them, these trees are vital to our communities and to your clients. They not only provide aesthetic beauty to the landscape but they have sentimental value as well. Join us for this full day, educational seminar on preserving these trees and learn how these survivors can be managed differently.

Topics include:

  • Majestic Tree Protocol: The Value of Tree Preservation in a PHC Program
  • How Rainbow Treecare Has Worked With Consulting Arborists To Grow Tree Healthcare Business
  • How to Improve Your Operational Efficiency for Tree Injections
  • Oak Wilt Management Strategies
  • Pest Alert and Update: Spotted Lanternfly
  • HTI-2000, iQ Infuser, Q-connect, and Macro-infusion (Mectinite and Cambistat) Demonstration