SPANISH Electrical Hazard Awareness Program

9:30am 4:30pm

Number of CEUs


Cost: $135.00 members and $155.00 non-members (includes lunch)

This workshop will be given in Spanish to attendees to make them aware of the hazards all tree care workers face when they work around energized electrical conductors. This awareness is an essential part of basic tree care safety. It is recommended that all people who work in tree care take an EHAP course.

This one day workshop will be led by Leo Roldan, Certified Arborist, Certified Tree Worker Specialist, Certified Aerial Lift Specialist, Certified Treecare Safety Professional and TCIA EHAP instructor. Mr. Roldan will make use of the Spanish EHAP Workbook and Manual published by the Tree Care Industry Association. All attendees will receive this publication. Training on the equipment that makes up the electrical distribution system will also be provided. Knowing what each piece is and what it does is an important part of being safe around electrical conductors.

Register on-line or by mail by November 21, 2019.  Register early - seating is limited!