NEC-ISA Event - The Use and Abuse of Logical Fallacies in Tree-Related Litigation

1:00 4:00pm (EDT)

This is an online event

Logical fallacies are statements of fact that contain errors in reasoning. When provided as an opinion, they often lack the necessary context, rendering the opinion suspect. Logical fallacies may be an intentional instrument to present a specific argument, such as in a debate, or may stem from a less than full understanding of the topic. Several dozen types of logical fallacies exist. A few of these types can be present in tree-related litigation. The ability to identify and challenge logical fallacies is critical. Unchallenged, the fallacy can become a fact for the purposes of litigation. They also tend to misrepresent an organization or company’s program. This course will review the use of logical fallacies in tree-related litigation and how to identify and counter their logic.

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