MCA Overview Course (MAA)

9:00 am 3:00 pm


Elm Bank
900 Washington St
Wellesley, MA
United States

This course offers an overview of the MCA program including what to expect when you take the MCA exam, helpful study tips, a review of key points, and useful strategies for Tree ID –  brought to you by members of the MCA committee and MAA management.

The course is designed to provide a review of key points for each chapter of the Study Guide.  The course does NOT attempt to teach the material found in the study guide.  It is expected that course candidates have reviewed and/or are familiar with the content of the study guide itself.  The presenters will focus on strategies for effective studying and test taking.  Course participation does not guarantee improved performance on the MCA exam.

Access to the MCA Study Guide Version 2.0 is strongly encouraged and advanced review will be extremely helpful!  Study guides will be available for purchase at the course.


$75.00 MAA Member Exam

$125.00 Non-member Exam