Landscape and Forest Tree and Shrub Insect Workshop (UMass Extension)

9:00am 3:30pm


Fernald Hall - UMass Amherst
270 Stockbridge Rd
Amherst, MA
United States

Join Tawny Simisky, UMass Extension Entomologist, for this workshop where participants will gain hands-on experience with many important landscape and forest insect pests of trees and shrubs. The UMass-Amherst campus arboretum offers a wide variety of ornamental and forest trees and shrubs. Selected insects to be discussed will include bark beetles and wood borers, pests with piercing-sucking mouthparts, defoliators, miners/leaf rollers, gall makers, and more. An introductory lecture will review the basics of diagnostic entomology followed by a walking tour of campus. The day will end with a laboratory session using microscopy, giving us the opportunity for an up-close and personal view of some of these insects. 


Preregistration is required, as space is limited to 25 participants; cost is $150/$135 per person for three or more registrations from the same company (10% discount). Lunch is on your own, morning coffee will be provided.

Pesticide & Professional Credits

5 pesticide contact hours for categories 29, 35, 36, and Applicators License available.

Association credits: 5.25 (cat 1) CFE, 5 ISA, 1 MCH. MCA, MCLP, and SAF credits rquested.