Electrical Hazards Awareness Training by NATS

8:00 am 5:00 pm

Number of CEUs


The New England Chapter ISA is pleased to be able to offer Electrical Hazard Awareness Training by North American Training Solutions. Earn 6.5 ISA CEUs.

Due to the potential of electrical contact with overhead and underground energized power lines and equipment resulting in serious injury and fatalities, arborists in the urban environment need to be well informed about the dangers of working in proximity to energized conductors. The Electrical Hazard Awareness Training (EHAT) module has been prepared to teach tree care professionals how to avoid deadly encounters and decrease lost production time, downed or damaged equipment and lawsuits and fines. All training is in compliance with OSHA 1910.269, OSHA 1910.331 and ANSI Z133 standards.

Course Outline:

Identifying Electric System Component
Identify electrical hardware
Define Electrical Terms

Electrical Theory

How electricity works
High voltage theory
Identify how to estimate maximum nominal voltage


Neutral/Earth Return Systems
Why electricity is grounded

Electrical Accidents

Review and analyze accident and fatality statistics

O.S.H.A. / A.N.S.I. / E.C.U.S.R. Standards and Regulations

Review legislation regarding Minimum Approach Distance (MAD) for persons, equipment and vegetation to energized electrical power lines and equipment for high voltage

Dielectric Tools and Equipment

Requirements/restrictions for use around power lines and electrical equipment including pro per maintenance, storage and field inspection techniques

Voltage Identification

Identify voltage levels of high voltage power lines and equipment from the various hardware and equipment used for the purpose of establishing working limits of approach

Field Trip

Take a walk through the surrounding urban area, identifying and discussing the concepts learned throughout this module