Connecticut Arborist Licensing Exam - Oral Test


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Arborist License
An arborist license is required for persons advertising, soliciting or contracting to do arboriculture in Connecticut. As defined in the arborist law, “arboriculture means any work done for hire to improve the condition of fruit, shade, or ornamental trees by feeding or fertilizing, or by pruning, trimming, bracing, treating cavities or other methods of improving tree conditions, or protecting trees from damage from insects or diseases or curing these conditions by spraying or any other method.” The licensed arborist is a supervisory pesticide applicator, with respect to the use of pesticides.  For all intents and purposes “certificate” means “license.” 

The arborist license examination is  given by appointment only. Once DEEP has received your application and fee, you will be scheduled for the next available date.  If you want to take the exam on a specific date, please indicate that on the top of your application and DEEP will try to accommodate that request. If the exam proctor does not have an application for you, you will be denied taking the exam.  There is a $200.00 fee to take the exam.  The examination is given in two parts. The first part consists of a written test and the second part consists of a tree identification test and an oral test.  You should take the written exam a month before the tree identification/oral exam is given.  

The written test is multiple choice with questions regarding pesticide safety, the field of arboriculture and the diagnosis and control of specific diseases, insects and disorders of trees. If an applicant fails the written exam, a re-examination appointment requires another application and $200.00 examination fee. A "No Show" will be considered a failure and the $200.00 examination fee is forfeited.

After passing the written test, applicants will be notified and scheduled for the second part of the examination, which normally takes place at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station in New Haven on a separate date.  The oral exam dates for 2018 are September 5 and December 12, 2018The oral exam dates for 2019 are March 13, June 12, September 11, and December 11, 2019.   There is no additional charge for the second part of the exam.

Applicants who fail the tree identification test will not proceed to the oral test.   Applicants who pass the tree identification test will continue on to the oral test later on the same day. Applicants who fail either the tree identification or oral test will be required to retake the entire examination starting with the written test. This will require a new application and $200.00 examination fee. The first part of the examination (the written test) is given monthly and the second part (the tree identification and oral tests) is given on a quarterly basis.  Examinees have 80 days to complete the exam process both written and tree identification/oral exam.  A "No Show" will be considered a failure.

To be scheduled for the written test, complete the Application for Commercial Supervisory and/or Arborist Examination (Word FormPDF) and submit it along with the required fee (check or money order for $200.00 payable to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection) to the address indicated on the application form. Be sure to sign and date the form.