ASCA 2024 Consulting Academy

San Antonio, TX

There’s Only One Place to Get Started on the Path Toward Your RCA


A lot of conferences claim to teach you how to be a great arborist. But there is only one conference where you can learn the essentials of being a successful Consulting Arborist AND begin the process of becoming a Registered Consulting Arborist® (RCA)—and that’s ASCA’s Consulting Academy.

During the Academy’s multi-day training you’ll not only take your first step toward becoming an RCA, but also:

  1. Learn from and interact with leading experts in the profession.
  2. Form relationships with other attendees and coaches that you can access long after the Academy is over.
  3. Increase your earning potential.

Pre-Academy Work

  • Pre-Academy Report: Once you’ve registered for the Academy, you will receive a scenario to use in preparing a written report, which you are expected to submit prior to the Academy. Your practice report will be reviewed but not graded. It is sent to your coach so that he or she can review it and understand your current report-writing skills. You will also use it during the report-writing session at the Academy and during your one-on-one conference with your coach.
  • Practice Management Webinars: Included in your registration fee! You will be provided access to three 1-hour online webinars that focus on important practice management topics: contracts, insurance, and determining your fees.

Graduation Requirements

You must pass:

  • An open-book written exam, given on the last day of the Academy.
  • A post-Academy take-home report. 

Helpful Links

**Members of the New England Chapter ISA receive a discount on ASCA Consulting Academy registration**