ArborMaster L1 Tree Climbing Methods, Work Positioning & Best Practice

8:00 5:00


201 County Street
Attleboro, MA
United States

Abbreviated Course Description: 3 Day Module - No pre-requisites

Participants will be educated and trained in modern tree climbing methods and learn about the methods, systems and techniques that make tree climbing and work positioning safer, easier, and more efficient. The differences between Moving Rope Systems (MRS) also known as Doubled Rope Technique (DdRT) and Stationary Rope Systems (SRS), commonly called Single Rope Technique (SRT) will be discussed and examined. Learn through both theoretical and practical learning activities how to make the fundamental physics & mechanical advantage in your climbing system work for you! This course will also introduce work positioning best practice with hand saws & chainsaws emphasizing safety, skill and productivity!

ISA Continuing Education Units: Certified Arborists will receive 24 CEUs.

Course Topics:
• Safety and Risk Management
• Setting Lines, Rope Access and Establishing Tie-in Points
• Climbing Equipment
• Tree Climbing Methods and On Rope Systems
• Ropes: Care, Construction, and Maintenance
• Climbing Knots and Hitches
• Spur Climbing: Methods and Best Practice
• Climbing Methods and Techniques
• Working Aloft and Positioning

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