May 7, 2011 Results
Great Thanks to all of our Volunteers & Judges!

TCC Chair: Bill Conn
  • Head Judge: Bill Conn
  • Head Tech: Ed Carpenter
  • Aerial Rescue: Dennis Ryan, Charlie Islein & Marc Reiland
  • Belayed Speed Climb: Tom Morra,  Jay Girard & Dave Donoghue
  • Secured Footlock:  Bud Neal, Scott Davis, Al Kravikas & Jamie Goddard
  • Throwline: Keith Bachi, Bill Raleigh &
  • Work Climb: Greg Lukos, Danny Rodriguez, Brian Sullivan & Bill Conn
  • Master's Challenge: Greg Lukos, Danny Rodriguez, Marc Reiland
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Climbing to compete in SYDNEY Australia July 23-27, 2011!
23rd Annual Tree Climbing Championship
Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME
May 6-7, 2011
The Quad at Bowdoin College - credit Bowdoin College
2011 List of Competitors
  1. Agaman, Brian
  2. Barrett, Trumbull
  3. Beals, Eliot - 2nd ME's
  4. Carpenter, Brian
  5. Carpenter, Marcy
  6. Christian, Matthew
  7. Cranton, Brandon
  8. Dangelo, Ethan
  9. Donahue, Justin
  10. Donaldson, Kyle - 1st ME
  11. Duarte, Moris
  12. Duffy, Bruce
  13. Duffy, Melissa
  14. Frain, Gary
  15. Hickman, Mike
  16. Jerome, Mike
  17. Johnson, Alden DNC
  18. Julius, Alex
  19. Knapp, Scott
  20. LaCoy, Jeffrey
  21. LeVangie, Bear
  22. LeVangie, Melissa
  23. Lumbra, Shane
  24. Maley, Ryan
  25. McCabe, Kyle
  26. Peck, Terry
  27. Putnam, Andrew DNC
  28. Reynolds, Matthew
  29. Robinson, Ted
  30. Stanton, Mike - 3rd ME
  31. Stock, Tyler
  32. Weise, Dan

DNC- Did not compete
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ArborMaster TCC Prize Package
  • Scoring: Julie Coop, Jen Kettell, Rebecca DiGirolomo
  • Event Support: Chris Rooney, Dave Donahue
  • Pictures: Walter Goodridge
  • Bucket Truck Support: Tim Vail
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Bowdoin College
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WayLtoR Brian, Moris, Justin, Bruce, Alex (by Walter Goodridge)
Awesome Footlock picture (by Walter Goodridge)
Scoring Team: Roondog, Hoerth, Coop, Jen, Reba (by Walter Goodridge)
Tom Hoerth, Julie Coop, Jen Kettell, Chris Rooney - Go NEC!  (By Walter Goodridge)
Champions Bear LeVangie & Danny Weise!  Congratulations! (by Walter Goodridge)
Kyle McCabe executing his Work Climb (by Walter Goodridge)
Bear getting hug of congrats from Melissa (by Walter Goodridge)
Marcy Gladdys performing an Aerial Rescue (by Walter Goodridge)
Alex Julius pumping her guns!
Eliot Beals rescueing the 'dummy' (by Walter Goodridge)
Pres. Tom Hoerth jamming down at Krykee Aid! (by Walter Goodridge)
Past Pres. Julie Coop (by Walter Goodridge)
Charlie Iselin - Judging Aerial Rescue
Gary Frain & Moris Duarte
KryKee Aid's Nuttin Butt The Saddle - Singing to raise money for the climbers to goto ITCC Australia!
1. Marcy Gladdys Carpenter
1. Brandon Cranton
2. Bear LeVangie
2. Kyle McCabe
3. Melissa Duffy
3. Kyle Donaldson
1. Marcy Gladdys Carpenter
1. Shane Lumbra
2. Bear LeVangie
2. Brandon Cranton
3. Melissa LeVangie
3. Matt  Reynolds
1. Bear LeVangie
1. Justin Donahue
2. Melissa LeVangie
2. Kyle McCabe
3. Marcy Gladdys Carpenter
3. Kyle Donaldson
1. Melissa Duffy
1. Dan Weise
2. Marcy Gladdys Carpenter
2. Brian Agaman
3. Melissa LeVangie
3. Gary Frain
1. Marcy Gladdys-Carpenter
1. Justin Donahue
2. Bear LeVangie
2. Moris Duarte
3. Melissa LeVangie
3. Bruce Duffy
OVERALL RESULTS (Men's & Women's)
1. Marcy Gladdys-Carpenter
1. Justin Donahue
2. Bear LeVangie
2. Matt Reynolds
3. Melissa LeVangie
3. Kyle McCabe
  4. Dan Weise
  5. Kyle Donaldson
1. Bear LeVangie - 187.67
1. Dan Weise - 231.67
2. Marcy Gladdys-Carpenter - 172
2. Kyle McCabe - 198
3. Melissa LeVangie - 104
3. Matt Reynolds  - 132
  3. Justin Donahue - 113.67
4. Kyle Donaldson - DQ
A Benefit Concert to help
support champions to head
to Australia!  Presents
"Nuttin' Butt da Saddle"
RAISED $900.00!
by Walter Goodridge
by Danny Rodridguez
Thank you George Mellick of Shelter Tree for your continued sponsorship!  (By Walter Goodridge)
2011 Score Board Groups 1-3 (by Walter Goodridge)
2011 Score Board Groups 3-5 (by Walter Goodridge)
Many more photos online - Walter Goodridge
Masters Challenge Announcement - Dan Weise & Matt Reynolds while Tyler Stock applauds.
2011 Spirit of the Competition Award - Bruce Duffy!  (By Walter Goodridge)
Spirit of the
Bear's Overall Australian ITCC Results
Throwline: 11 points
Speedclimb:66.39 seconds (9.64 points)
Footlock: 36.48 (.63 points)
Work Climb: 30.21 points
Aerial Rescue: 26 points
Preliminary points total: 76.48
Overall: 12th in the world

Danny's Overall Australian ITCC Results
Aerial Rescue: 18.33 points
Speed Climb: 55.12 seconds (4.85 points)
Footlock: 28.56 seconds (5.10 points)
Throwline: 14 points
Work Climb: 49.77 points
Preliminary Total: 92.05 points
Overall: 38th in the world

2011 ITCC Champions:
New Zealand's Chrissy Spence & Scott Forest

Jarred Aborgina and Veronica Ericsson won the
head to head footlock event.
Bear LeVangie & Danny Weise in Australia 2001! - Photo Rhonda Wood
Congratulations to this
year's TCC Champions
Bear LeVangie
& Dan Weise!
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New England Chapter
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Charlie Iselin - Judging Aerial Rescue
WayLtoR Brian, Moris, Justin, Bruce, Alex (by Walter Goodridge)