Dr. Bruce Bragdon, D.M.D.
Dr. Bragdon has been involved with Durham, NH's trees for the past 30
years. He has promoted Durham's Tree City USA application since 1978,
and developed Durham's first landscape ordinance and currently serves
on many and various town boards.

Bill Baron, District Urban and Community Forester, State of VT, Dept.
of Forests, Parks and Recreation.
Mr. Baron has been coordinating Arbor Day programs for almost a
decade.  In 2005 he organized and presented Arbor Day programs for 52
schools and 269 classes!
Nicole Sullivan, NEC-ISA Scholarship Winner, 1997
All of you who took Dendrology...what type of leaf we got here?
Tim Walsh Receiving Educational Scholarship October 2004 from President, Richard Herfurth
Pole games in the Army
What is a Gold Leaf Award?
The ISA Gold Leaf Award is designed to recognize an individual, organization, or
community in the New England Chapter for outstanding Arbor Day programs or community
landscape beautification projects. This is an opportunity for the NEC-ISA to recognize
projects that have had an impact on a community or region with an international award.
Projects should show an impact over several years. Nominations for the award can be
made in either of the following two categories.

Outstanding Arbor Day Activities - An award to recognize individuals, organizations, or
municipalities that have promoted Arbor Day through special projects, ceremonies, news
articles or observations with an Arbor Day theme.

Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities - An award to recognize individuals,
organizations, or municipalities that have made significant contributions through tree
planting and landscaping which enhances environmental protection, conservation,
beautification, air purification, or wildlife protection. Could also be for non-planting
landscape activities that have had a positive impact in promoting tree care and tree

Know of someone in your community? Use the form below or
Click here to download a nomination form! (Adobe PDF)
George Crombie, Town of Plymouth, MA
Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities in conjunction with his
leadership in promoting TREE CITY USA award winning communities

Town of Oxford, NH - Outstanding Arbor Day Activities
Richard and Joy Nalevanko
Scott Wheeler, City Arborist, Newport, RI
Town of Manchester, VT - Bear Scovil & Ryan Scovil
Black Rock School & Garden Club, Bridgeport, CT - Bob Bociek
2007 - Outstanding Arbor Day Celebrations
Tom Hoerth - City of Bath, ME
Gold Leaf Award: Richard & Joy Nalevanko with President, Richard Herfurth; 2004
Roslindale Green and Clean
2009 - Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities
2004 Gold Leaf Awardee: Richard & Joy Nalevanko
Gold Leaf Award Recipient: Rhode Island Tree Council with Secretary, Tom Morra and President, Melissa LeVangie; 2009
President Noonan with Gold Leaf Award Winner Bruce Bragdon; 2005
President Noonan awarding Bill Baron with Gold Leaf Award; 2005
President Noonan awarding Scott Wheeler with Gold Leaf Award; 2005
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RI Tree Council
2010 - Outstanding Arbor Day Activities
Are you a member?
I would like to nominate the following
for an ISA Gold Leaf Award.
Please provide a description of the project or activity to be considered.
2013 - Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities
Providence Neighborhood Planting Program
  • Gary Fish, Director of Maine Board of Pesticide Control
    “Portland and Brunswick Maine Yardscaping Project
2011 - Outstanding Arbor Day Activities
  • Steve Heywood, Bartlett Tree Experts
    Multiple & on-going community events in Osterville, MA
Past President, Jim Ingram presenting the 2011 Gold Leaf Award to Steve Heywood
2011 Gold Leaf Award Recipient - Steve Heywood
2011 Gold Leaf Award Recipient - Maine Board of Pesticides Control
New England Chapter
International Society of Arboriculture
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P.O. Box 435
Norwell, MA 02061
Phone: 978-844-0441
2011 - Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities
Liz Downing accepting Gold Leaf Awards on behalf of the Providence Neighborhood Planting Program
2014 - Outstanding Arbor Day Activities
Vermont Urban Forestry Council
2015 - Dr. David Bloniarz, Regreen Springfield, MA
This year’s Gold Leaf Award recipient is Dr. David Bloniarz of ReGreen
Springfield. ReGreen Springfield is a nonprofit organization in Springfield,
MA, dedicated to improving growing conditions for trees, engaging new
allies in tree care, monitoring the urban forest, and educating and
engaging the public through citizen science and other activities.
2016 - Saluting Branches, Accepted by Rich Cartier
This year’s Gold Leaf Award recipient went to the Saluting Branches
organization. Saluting Branches: Arborists United for Veteran
Remembrance is an opportunity for tree care professionals throughout
the country to unite and do what we do best – provide exceptional tree
care – to keep our veterans cemeteries safe, beautiful places for all those
who visit.