The Chapter would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the
outstanding service by the following individuals for their dedication,
hard work, patience and time while serving multiple terms and positions
on the New England Chapter Board.
Thank you to the following former Members of the
Board of Directors (Always looking for more pictures!)
Dr. Brian Kane - Past MA Rep.
Peter Hoag - Past President
Brian Salas - Former NH Rep.
Dr. Dennis Ryan, former President
Karen Doherty, Past President & Danielle Fitzko, Presidential Advisor
Past Presidents: Bill DeVos and Mary Reynolds (also former Treasurer)
David Slade, Past CT Rep
2004 Gold Leaf Awardee: Richard & Joy Nalevanko
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Jeff Disorda, former VT Rep.
Didier Bonner-Ganter, former Maine Representative
2008 NEC-ISA Board of Directors
Karen Doherty, Past President, Former MA Rep, Former ISA Representative
Danny Fitzko, Presidential Advisor
Former Presidents & Treasurers: Mary K. Reynolds & Richard Herfurth
Past Presidents: Bill Collins & Mary Reynolds with Guest
Tim Lindsay, Past President
Warren Spinner, Past President & Past Certification Laison
Clem DeJardins (RI Rep), Dennis Ryan, Rich Herfurth, Jack Kelly, Jim Courville, Greg Mosman
New England States
Amanda Weise, Throwball 2007 TCC
Mike Fallis (VT Rep), Greg Lukos (CT Rep), Richard Herfurth (Past President, Treasurer), Bill Wallace (Past President), & Michael Tain; Cambridge 2003
Barbara & Gordon King
Tim Lindsay, Past President
Jeff Carney - Former Tree Fund Liaison
Billy Guess, Former Maine Representative
P.O. Box 435
Norwell, MA 02061
Phone: 978-844-0441
New England Chapter
International Society of Arboriculture
Outgoing President Tom Hoerth receives thank you gift from Incoming President Chris Rooney
Incoming President, Chris Rooney saying thank you to Outgoing President, Tom Hoerth
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Past Presidents attending the 50th
Anniversary conference in Burlington, VT:
Bear LeVangie, Chris Rooney, Julie Coop,
Brian Sullivan, Pete Hoag, Melissa
LeVangie, Karen Doherty, Richard Herfurth,
Warren Spinner, Bill Wallace, Karen
Malloy-Cyr, Andrew Noonan, John Moran