Spreading the Word of Arboriculture
The NEC-ISA is pleased to support the "Spreading the Word of
Arboriculture" an ISA Special Project. The goals of "Spreading the Word of
Arboriculture" project are to educate the general public about the
profession of arboriculture, to generate awareness to secondary school
career advisors, and to recruit youth into the many arboricultural careers.

This special project's goal is to develop a repeatable, turn-key program for
regional Chapters of International Society of Arboriculture (
ISA), other
green organizations, and local groups needing professional tree care
information to continue spreading the word within their areas.

The tools developed to meet the project goals are to share market space
on the
treesaregood.org website, opt-in broadcast e-mails, t-shirts,
stickers, and consumer-friendly, educational programs brought to schools
and organizations by arborists teaching people about the importance of
trees and their profession of arboriculture. Many of these are available at
very little or no cost.

If you are interested in helping "Spread the Word", complete the survey
questions from the
treesaregood.org website.

Funding is being researched to deliver educational presentations  to your
school and/or organization.  If you are located in the North East (the
"Spreading the Word" project test area), email the Chapter to check

Bookmark this website for continuing updates and new community
resources as they become available. Thank you for your interest in
"Spreading the Word".

See the DVD online:
STW Part 1 | STW Part 2
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